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Current Research Activities:  Much of my current research is motivated by different aspects of numerical and computation of fluid/fluid and fluid/structure interaction problems. These problems arise in the study of many physical and biological phenomena, such as ocean-atmosphere interaction and modeling of blood or mucus flows in elastic membranes.  Areas of current projects are:
  • Undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics
  • Finite element methods for fluid and solid mechanics
  • Numerical methods for viscoelastic fluids
  • Numerical methods for fluid/fluid and fluid/structure interaction
  • Computation of solubility parameters for polymers
  • Solving large sparse linear systems with dense rows

Some Current and Recent Collaborators:

Mathematical Research Interests:

  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing: Finite Element Methods, Saddle Point Problems, Inf-Sup Conditions, Finite Difference Methods, Temporal Integration Methods for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, Defect Correction Methods, Continuation Methods, Operator-Splitting Methods, Linear and Nonlinear Solvers, Adaptive Computation, Multigrid Methods

  • Fluid Mechanics: Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids, Viscoelastic Fluids, Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to Steady-State Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid/Fluid and Fluid/Structure Interaction Problems

  • Partial Differential Equations: Linear and Nonlinear PDEs, Stokes and Navier-Stokes Equations, Reaction-Diffusion Equations

  • Other interests: Polynomials over Finite Fields, Cryptography, Undergraduate Mathematics Education

  • Tools: C, C++, Java, Fortran, Visual Basic, MATLAB, Maple, MPI, Linux, Unix, FreeFem++, SUNDIALS/CVODE/KINSOL

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Contact Info: Jason S Howell; 
Department of Mathematics;
College of Charleston; 66 George Street; Charleston, SC 29424;
843-953-1016 (office); 843-953-1410 (fax); 

email: howelljs at cofc dot edu

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